Components and Parts

RO Housing

Multistage Centrifugal Pump

Multichannel Monitor / Controller

Filter Catridge & Housing


Tubing & Fitting

Tubing & Fitting

RO Membrane

FRP Tank

Multiport Valve

Pressure Gauge / Rotameter

Chemical Dosing Pump

Ion Exchange Resin

Ultrafiltration (UF) Module

Stainless Steel Housing

UV Sterilizer System

Solenoid Valve

Filter Media


Pureline Hollow Fiber is a Modified PAN based membrane, which has high fouling resistant characteristics . Pureline has implied a sponge-like structure so that the hollow fiber membrane shows a high tensile strength and long durability. The pore gets bigger from the feed side to the permeate, making the membrane resistance at minimum levels while causing the membrane to have a high velocity of filtering. Membrane thickness, which remains constant in all direction, has a high pressure resistance. The slick membrane surface not only has a high fouling resistance, but also effectively removes microorganisms & suspended solids.

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