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APP Pump

Danfoss APP pumps are positive displacement pumps with axial pistons that move a fixed amount of water in each cycle. Flow is proportional to the number of input shaft revolutions (rpm). Unlike centrifugal pumps, they produce the same flow at a given speed no matter what the discharge pressure.

Danfoss High Pressure Pumps (HPP) is a fast-growing division of the Danfoss Group. We are a leading global player within development and manufacturing of high-pressure pumps and energy recovery devices. Based on Danfoss’ decades of experience with developing pumps for critical applications, our division has pioneered the development of axial piston pump technology to bring all the advantages of positive displacement pumps to high-pressure applications. Our customers benefit from Danfoss’ industry-leading R&D resources and best-in-class quality systems as well as its worldwide manufacturing, distribution and service networks. Building strong partnerships with our customers is of great importance to us, because it is purely by understanding our customers’ needs that we can meet the expectations of tomorrow.


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