Filter Valve

Filter Valve

Runxin is mainly engaged in multi-functional flow control valve for water treatment systems (“Runxin valve”) such as filtration / water softening equipment, ion exchange equipment, boiler water softening equipment, swimming boule filtration equipment, and seawater desalination equipment. 

“Runxin valve”, which is one the brands of Runxin ,  having independent innovation and intellectual property rights, has been authorized by 17 countries such as the USA and EU countries. Since August 2010 till now, it has passed the NSF certification ,  European Union CE , RoHS certification and others.  Runxin valve gained Zhejiang Famous Brand Product and Zhejiang Province Excellent Industrial Products. It has been exported to 134 countries and regions around the world.

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RUNXINF56DManual Filter Valve
RUNXINF56AManual Filter Valve
RUNXINF63B1Automatic Softener Valve
RUNXINF64AManual Softener Valve
RUNXINF64DManual Softener Valve
RUNXINF65B1Automatic Softener Valve
RUNXINF67B1Automatic Filter Valve
RUNXINF74B1Automatic Softener Valve
RUNXINF75B1Automatic Filter Valve
RUNXINF77A1Automatic Softener Valve
RUNXINF77B1Automatic Filter Valve
RUNXINF95A1Automatic Softener Valve
RUNXINF95B1Automatic Filter Valve
RUNXINF96A1Automatic Softener Valve
RUNXINF96B1Automatic Filter Valve
RUNXINF111A1Automatic Softener Valve
RUNXINF111B1Automatic Filter Valve
RUNXINF112A1Automatic Softener Valve
RUNXINF112B1Automatic Filter Valve

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