Multichannel Monitor & Controller

Multichannel Monitor & Controller

ASD Pure Solutions Sdn. Bhd. (ASD) has been in the water filtration and waste water treatment systems industry since 1998. We are a Malaysian-based company which manufacture, import, export and distribute a wide variety of water treatment components and systems for commercial and industrial applications including food processing, manufacturing, hospitality, pharmaceutical, medical waste management and more.

Our primary market is engineering companies operating in Southeast Asia. Over the years, we have built an extensive distribution network to serve our clients in any location within the region. In addition, our comprehensive range of water filtration and waste water treatment products and systems ensure availability of stock for our clients’ complete convenience and total peace-of-mind.

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CREATECCOD-1400Water Quality Online Analyzer
CREATECCODMn-1400Water Quality Online Analyzer
CREATECMCC-2300Multi-channels Controller
CREATECMWA-1300Multi-parameter Online Analysis System Integration
CREATECROC CCT-3300Conductivity/Resistivity/TDS Online Controller
CREATECROC CCT-5300Conductivity/Resistivity/TDS Online Controller
CREATECROC CCT-7300Conductivity/Resistivity Online Controller
CREATECROC CCT-8301AConductivity/Resistivity Online Controller
CREATECROC pH/ORP-3500pH/ORP Online Meter
CREATECROC pH/ORP-5500pH/ ORP Online Meter
CREATECROC pH/ORP-7500pH/ORP Online Meter
CREATECROC pH/ORP-8500ApH/ORP Online Meter
CREATECROC POP-8300A/BFree Chlorine/Dioxide Chlorine Online Analyzer


Pureline Hollow Fiber is a Modified PAN based membrane, which has high fouling resistant characteristics . Pureline has implied a sponge-like structure so that the hollow fiber membrane shows a high tensile strength and long durability. The pore gets bigger from the feed side to the permeate, making the membrane resistance at minimum levels while causing the membrane to have a high velocity of filtering. Membrane thickness, which remains constant in all direction, has a high pressure resistance. The slick membrane surface not only has a high fouling resistance, but also effectively removes microorganisms & suspended solids.

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