UV Sterilizer System

Ultraviolet Sterilizer System

UV Water Treatment Systems

The FDA has determined that water can be purified through the application of UV (ultraviolet) light. Unlike other methods of purification (for example the use of chlorine) a UV water sterilizer is odorless, low risk, low maintenance and doesn’t use any chemicals or other additives. UV water purification systems usually consist of a UV lamp surrounded by circulating water. There is usually a quartz barrier between the water and the UV source, so the water doesn’t touch it directly.

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WONDERUVUltraviolet Water Sterilizer
PURELINEUVSterilizer Installation Manual
PURELINEUV 48BSterilizer Installation


Pureline Hollow Fiber is a Modified PAN based membrane, which has high fouling resistant characteristics . Pureline has implied a sponge-like structure so that the hollow fiber membrane shows a high tensile strength and long durability. The pore gets bigger from the feed side to the permeate, making the membrane resistance at minimum levels while causing the membrane to have a high velocity of filtering. Membrane thickness, which remains constant in all direction, has a high pressure resistance. The slick membrane surface not only has a high fouling resistance, but also effectively removes microorganisms & suspended solids.

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