Whole Body Disinfection Systems

Whole Body Disinfection Systems

Seawater is also reach in minerals which have market interest. With the large demand of salt in many geographical areas, producing salt.   

The most widely applied and commercially available technologies for sea water desalination can be divided in two types: membrane processes and thermal processes.

Reverse osmosis (RO) and Nanofiltration (NF) are currently the leading sea water desalination solutions. The advances in key equipment (membranes, pumps, energycost  recovery device), turned the process energy efficient, resulting in a low investment cost  (CAPEX) and low operational cost (OPEX).

Nowadays, desalination* has become a very affordable solution to cope with fresh water shortage typically in tropical as well as of off-shore areas.

The desalination core process is based on Reverse Osmosis Membrane technology, but stand alone, it doesn’t provide safe drinking water, nor does it guarantee an efficient plant.



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