Sea Desalination Systems

Sea Desalination Reverse Osmosis Systems


LG Water Solutions, the manufacturer of the full line of NanoH2OTM RO membranes, introduces 2nd Generation of LG SW RO membranes, G2. With enhanced Thin Film Nanocomposite (TFN) chemistry, the next generation membranes have achieved record breaking 99.89% rejection, improving the product quality up to 45% compared with the conventional technology.


PLSOLUTION ® RO A152 is a copolymer that controls inorganic scale formation in seawater RO membrane and antifoulant for multi-stage flash distillation plants. Small amounts of this polymer effectively handles large quantities of dissolved salts, thus preventing precipitation, settling and baking onto heat transfer surfaces. PLSOLUTION® RO A152 also impairs crystal growth, modifying the crystal structure to create a soft sludge by product that does not adhere to heat transfer surfaces. PLSOLUTION® RO A152 readily dissolves in any type of water.

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